At MOCEAN, we innovate advanced hybrid propulsion systems for power and sailing vessels. We deliver a solution unlike any system that exists in the market today, offering a redundant system where vessels can be driven directly by both an engine AND/OR an electric motor, thereby saving space, reducing energy losses, while eliminating need for an onboard generator.

A venture of Rimation Inc. custom solutions engineering, we combine our deep experience in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, User Interface & User Experience Design, Embedded Systems, and Systems Integration to produce a robust hybrid propulsion system that is intuitive to control and matches the needs of your vessel - all in one simple drop-in package.

Say goodbye to onboard generators and single point of failures!

Problem #1: Efficiency

  • At low RPMs, diesel engines do not run at optimum efficiency (~15%).
  • Running engines at low RPMs may also decrease engine lifespan.

Our Solution: Optimization

  • MOCEAN's proprietary control algorithms optimize fuel efficiency and charge on-board batteries, doubling efficiency to ~30% (near ~32% max).

Problem #2: Range

  • Pure electric drive systems may only sustain 10s of miles, not 100s of miles.
  • Additionally, pure electric drive systems, diesel engines, and serial hybrids all have a Single Point of Failure: the engine/electric motor.

Our Solution: Redundancy

  • MOCEAN engineers its system to sustain 100s of miles while providing redundancy for world cruising.
  • MOCEAN designs a true hybrid propulsion system allowing for engine failure OR electric motor failure.

Problem #3: Cost

  • Pure electric drive systems and serial hybrid systems have added costs of large bateries, large generator, large controler, and large motor.

Our Solution: Balanced Design

  • MOCEAN engineers its hybrid propulsion system with balance in cost, weight, and space.
  • MOCEAN eliminates need for an on-board generator.

Our Solution

MOCEAN's hybrid propulsion system is unlike any system that exists in the market today. Owners & captains from around the world have shared with us numerous stories and stressful situations caused by engine failures – MOCEAN provides a piece of mind while maintaining a level of safety.

Typical marine hybrid system designs are serial hybrids, composed of (1) an electric motor, (2) a charger/controller, (3) a battery bank, (4) a generator. The generator charges the battery bank, which in turn supplies electrical power to the electric motor for propulsion. While serial hybrids have their use cases, efficiency is lost through every step in the energy conversion process. If the electric motor fails, one is without propulsive power.

MOCEAN delivers a parallel hybrid solution, where a (1) diesel engine is connected to the propeller shaft in conjunction with (2) an electric motor/generator, (3) a controller, (4) a battery bank. Propulsive power can be provided directly by the diesel engine AND/OR the electric motor, thereby decreasing energy conversion losses while incorporating redudancy, saving space, AND eliminating need for an onboard generator.

MOCEAN offers a fully packaged hybrid propulsion system with your choice of engine model & battery bank. Options such as twin engine configuration, remote controller, and folding propellor are also available.


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