Custom Solutions Engineering

About Rimation

Rimation is a global innovator of technologies. At Rimation, we embrace new concepts + the unknown by harnessing ideas of the unconscious mind and realizing them through structured engineering processes. At Rimation, we make Imaginations Reality. Our capabilities include:

  • Software Engineering
  • UI/UX Design
  • Electronics & Embedded Systems
  • Industrial Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Systems Architecture & Integration

Software Engineering

  • Desktop, Web & Mobile Apps
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Custom CMS & E-Commerce

UI/UX Design

  • Research & Discovery
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Interface Design & Prototyping
  • Usability Testing

Electronics & Embedded Systems

  • Analog, RF & Digital Circuit Design
  • IoT Connectivity & Communications
  • Firmware & RTOS
  • Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing

Industrial Design

  • Human Factors Analysis
  • Materials & Processes Analysis
  • Concept Generation & Visualization
  • 3D CAD Developmemt & Prototyping

Electrical Engineering

  • Renewable Energy Systems Design
  • Control Systems
  • Building Energy Management
  • Demand Flexibility Optimization

Systems Architecture & Integration

  • System & Platform Architecture Design
  • Simulation & Algorithm Development
  • Product Strategy
  • Technical Scoping

Select Engagements

McQ Inc. | Defense Contractor

  • Shock-hardened munition embedded systems design
  • Power subsystem, analog, digital & RF circuit design

Boeing | Aerospace & Defense

  • Custom desktop software for operating microchip test equipment.
  • Custom Verilog code generator for design process automation.

Daedalus Yachts | Yacht Builder

  • Project management for fabrication of one of world's first containerized Hydrogen Compression + Extraction systems
  • Integration of renewable energy systems (wind, solar, batteries) & control systems

ESTA International | Energy & Power Consultancy

  • Smart Grid machine learning software application system design, UIUX design, and cloud deployment

DOE NETL | US National Lab

  • Industry advisor for "Blockchain for Optimized Security and Energy Management"

J. Zinski | Entrepreneur

  • Analog electronics design
  • Component sourcing
  • Printed circuit board fabrication

Our Solutions

Rimation's realization studio is constantly brewing ideas that help our society and our environment. We love challenges. We also love solutions. Have a peek at some of our R&D works below or collaborate with us to create what this world needs!

Unlike any system that exists in the market today, MOCEAN offers a redundant system where vessels can be driven directly by both an engine AND/OR an electric motor, thereby saving space, reducing energy losses, while eliminating need for an onboard generator. Discover more.

To have freedom is to have power. Rimation has created a lightweight yet heavy-duty sustainable mobile offgrid system capable of powering your daily energy needs. 3 days' worth of energy in a 1.5ft³ box! And yes, you can even induction cook + use your power tools.

Supporting green energy production doesn't have to be expensive. Rimation's Lattice Energy Blockchain allows you to trade energy with anyone, giving you the power of choice while fostering mutually beneficial relationships among consumers, prosumers, and even utility companies. Get cheaper electricity prices while helping the world become greener!

Our Energy Management platform allows you to monitor and control your HVAC, plug loads, lights, as well as PV and batteries. It supports various IoT devices and protocols, such as Ethernet/Wifi, ZigBee, Modbus, and BACnet.

Contact Rimation

We can't wait to hear from you - drop us a line at contact@rimation.com!